Commander   -   Kelli R. Harmon  [ EmailCdr Harmon directly at CDRPOST10950@NC.VFWWEBMAIL.COM]

Senior Vice Commander   -  Michael T. Lewis

Junior Vice Commander   -   Sisily Neitz

Commander Pro Tempore   -   Clark Twiddy

Quartermaster   -   Jim Norrell [Email QM Norrell directly at QMPOST10950@NC.VFWWEBMAIL.COM]

Chaplain   -   Frank Hendricks

Judge Advocate   -  Bill Blevins

Surgeon   -  Bo Simpson

Officer of the Day   -   By Appointment of Commander

Trustees   -   Buddy Boyce, Benjamin S. Lusby, Fred Lamm  

Adjutant   -   Bo Simpson

Service Officers   -   Buddy Boyce,  Fred Lamm, Carl Reiber


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